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Corporate Headquarters: 

3800 America Blvd West

STE 1500, Bloomington MN 55431


Recover Capital from your IT Assets 

Sell your Laptops, servers, networking and other general business IT Assets

Green recycling for IT Assets and E-Waste 100% materials recycled and environmental management systems, in place for safe, clean and organized recycle processing. 

Strict NAID member protocol, (upon request) requires no client hard drives shall be reused or remarked, diagnostics & read/write injections performed before every Media Shredding.

Helping organizations through re-occurring refresh cycles, one-time equipment removals with sophisticated cradle to grave processing solutions.



Help us reach our goal of 20 million pounds by 2020

Exporting excess technology leads to uneducated recycling methods used by families in foreign countries, join our efforts to make sure that doesn't happen and keep e-waste from our landfills!



Our primary goal is to provide efficiant and affordable equipment removal services to business without risking security. Our standards, compliance procedures and chain of custody dissipate risk and assure compliance with local, state, federal, national and legislational while providing verified record keeping, documentation and restoring maximum value in the process through multi channel marketing.

Ⅰ. HIPAA/FACTA/FISMA Ⅱ. DOD 5220-22.M Ⅲ. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Ⅳ. Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act Ⅴ. Red Flags Rule Ⅵ. Bank Secrecy Act Ⅶ. Patriot Act & Compliance   Eliminate Liability | Protect Your Clients | Protect Your Credability

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