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Corporate Headquarters: 

3800 America Blvd West

STE 1500, Bloomington MN 55431


Responsable  Electronics Recycling

Responsible Electronic Computer & IT Recycling Service

We have done our due diligence on assuring no harmful materials will end up in landfills with a zero landfill tolerance policy in place, we use certified R2 and EPA compliant downstream vendors, including the international import of materials to companies that do not use responsible recycling practices thus allowing hazardous waste (mercury, lead, cadmium) into our global water stream causing disastrous harm to the environment.

Currently in pursuit of procuring our NAID AAA certificate we obsess over compliance and proper procedures for service equipment removal. Not only do we focus on HIPPA/HITECH needs but our environmental management system raises the bar for the protection and safety of our employee's, your employee's, the public, your data/equipment and the environment. We come to you fully insured and prepared to take all burden and risk off your firm while we indemnify it for you.


The EPA has imposed strict guidelines on how e-waste, such as computers, are disposed of. E-waste contains materials such as nickel, zinc, lead, mercury and chromium which can be harmful to the human respiratory system along with other human related problems if mishandled. For this reason responsible recycling of electronic waste and meeting the standards in accordance with law and environmental standards is vital. We’ve all heard that we are to not throw batteries in the trash, CRT monitors are more harmful by far and can not be dumped into landfills because of thier contents. We focus on recovering everything that can be reused, refurbished and at the absolute "last" resort recycle what cannot create value and return it back to its raw materials for manufacturer reuse.

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