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Corporate Headquarters: 

3800 America Blvd West

STE 1500, Bloomington MN 55431


IT Asset Disposition


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Asset DIsposal by Disposition

Donating obsolete or unwanted IT equipment gives birth to creating job openings and benefiting its local communities through making attainable what is otherwise unattainable resources for less fortunate to low budget business growth. Essentially by donating you are playing a “big brother” role for small businesses who need reused assets at an affordable price in order to compete. 


Your Compliance When Donating

Non-reusable or lesser value, excess IT equipment purchased through our re marketing program or handed down to us through donation gets transported downstream to carefully selected R2 recycling vendors to assure your part in responsible recycling standards are met. (See data compliance procedures for HIPPA, FACTA, NIST)

Certificate and Asset Tracking

​Assets are tracked from pick-up date, time, quantity, Brand, serial #, Model # and type of processing method used which is also provided in the donation certificate we send following every disposition of assets.  ​Equipment that cannot be re-marketed gets transported to a carefully selected downstream R2 vendor for further de-manufacturing.  This method gives our clients the power to stay on top of their dis-positioned assets with the ability to retrieve documented records of their equipment for financial, maintenance or insurance purposes.


What we do is give those that have used equipment something to do with it. This is great for asset management due to the fact that many companies and individuals throw away their used equipment or they just store it away where it sits for long periods of time. We are the alternative to wasting precious equipment and a cost-effective one because you can still receive some value out of your obsolete equipment.

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