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Data Security

Certificate of Verification and Data Wiping

Ativo IT possesses state of the art technology for eliminating data on data bearing devices and is compatible with modern data bearing technology. Our services provide 3 to 7 layer binary code injection with read-write verification that the NIST-800-88, DoD, HIPPA, FACTA  standard was used.

Risk Eradication Without Value Reduction

One concern that companies have in pursuit of liquidating or transferring assets for value restoration is complying with data regulations when destruction is not used. We have done the research to provide data security that allows value preservation under clearing, purge or disposal security level standards put in place by the national institute of standards technology through complete project delegation by the National Security Agency by using “secure erase” with verification.

According to NIST the only acceptable form of data sanitization that fully complies with disposal, clearing or purge security levels are "secure erase" or "degauss” with verification. Unfortunately, degauss destroys the media device and would not restore value, however secure erase would not destroy the device whilst meeting the most stringent of security standards by injecting a binary one or zero in “all” sectors of the drive and allow for reuse. Our method meets the standards of NIST-800-88, DoD 5220-22M (E), HIPPA, FACTA and Sarbanes oxley with an enhanced security option to meet DoD 5220-22M (ECE). For security levels that require data to be eliminated on-location we offer our service at your location. For further information on the level of security your organization requires, the IRS made a helpful guide found here, explaining your requirements in further detail.


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Data Security Overview

Our procedure overwrites an injection of binary ones or zero from 3 to 7 times into all addressable locations that data is stored in HDs, HDDs, SSHDs, USB and other forms. Verification that the injection was successful prevents the possibility for any software or hardware based data recovery methods from rediscovering any data.  Ativo IT LLC business model is focused on eliminating your risk, protecting your reputation and restoring capital to your bottom line.

Procured by the following process:

  1.  3 layer Read/Write Wipe satisfying DoD 5220.22-M (Optional extended erasure) 7 layer wipe with log data and additional certificate of NIST-800-88 verification certificate.

  2. Reset network, wireless and eligible devices back to factory setting. 

  3. Certificate of Sanitation sent within 24 hrs pending the method of erasure (Upon Request).

Our 3 step process makes getting paid a breeze

Over 15 years in the industry we provide fast, accurate and fair quotes

Step 1 

Submit Your List

  •  brand name:

  • Generation and or part number

  • Model Number 

  • Configuration (Specs): detail of memory, hard dives or other specific details to help determine value.

  • Qty, condition and pictures are helpful.

Step 2 

Agreement & Puchase Order

Once we reach an agreement on the list and package price we arrange shipment back with insurance back to our location.

If you are local we pick up at no additional cost.

Step 3

You get Paid!

After inspection we send a check within 24hrs of delivery!

Upon request we can send a certificate of DoD 5220.22-M sanatization.

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