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Corporate Headquarters: 

3800 America Blvd West

STE 1500, Bloomington MN 55431


Service Equipment Removal and Recycling For Large and Small Business

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Securing compliance and management for end-of-life healthcare equipment and medical device recalls unburdens medical providers facing the challenge to locate the right ITAD facility to maintain stringent regulations. As a registered recycling company with years of experience dealing in medical equipment we have the procedures in place for locating confidential data for destruction in medical devices and capability to provide an accurate account for documentation and reporting. Typically, healthcare providers choose to work with (ITAD) companies that can provide accountability and documentation for the final disposal of medical equipment and devices in order to satisfy legislations.

Micro Industries Served

  • Ambulatory health care services

  • Hospitals and healthcare networks

  • Nursing and residential care facilities

  • Outpatient networks

  • Dentist networks

  • Urgent care facilities

  • Medical and diagnostic laboratories

  • Home health care services

  • Rehabilitation facilities

  • Medical research facilities

Erik Specht

Ativo IT Provides

Destruction of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) across a range of digital devices

Complete refurbishment, redeployment, remarketing and recycling services for IT assets

Decommissioning of data centers and other technology assets

Off-site data destruction at our client location, secure transport provided.

Certified destruction of sensitive and confidential hardware

Responsible recycling of obsolete electronics

Online portal for real time asset tracking, reporting and certificates of destruction

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