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Corporate Headquarters: 

3800 America Blvd West

STE 1500, Bloomington MN 55431


IT Asset Liquidation

Service Equipment Buy Back

Ativo IT is dedicated to providing buy back solutions for clients that have procured equipment through leasing agencies, retailers, direct purchase and other financial companies. A necessary action for procurement companies at the end of any lease term is to ensure all assets are managed by professionals with the resources to properly remarket, wipe and eliminate data whilst providing an authentic NIST-800-88 verification certificate. A last and probably the key consideration is to assure maximum value is restored to the organization.

Off-Lease Returns

We work with leasing companies as an asset management consolidator providing an accurate auditing service for IT assets by: Brand name, Model, condition, configuration and organized storage. Upon which in most cases nearing the end of the lease equipment has a buy out clause that gives us the tools to restore capital back to these companies. We offer a great deal for the business these companies provide and are want to expand our client base. If you have are in a position to provide a similar mutual opportunity please don't hesitate to contact us.

Liquidation or Surplus Equipment Buyout

In addition to our off-lease program we also offer to purchase equipment an organization is liquidating, down sizing or wants up to %80 percent market value for. We provide quotes for equipment lots of all sizes, none to small or too large.


After over 15 years in the industry we have a vast network for marketing, we use these tools as an alternative option for clients instead of simply buying there equipment. We use our tools to do all the marketing work, which in the end ultimately provides a larger return for our clients. Contact us if you need to call in the calvary and move some equipment!

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