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Donate Business Electronics

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Our pickup service has a general rule of 10 or more items with resale value gets a pickup at your location for free. (Unfortionatly Ativo IT does not offer Residential Service)

An example of "value items" to redeem a free pickup include:

Data center equipment: including "modern" servers, EMC, Dell, Sun, IBM disk arrays, routers, PCs, Laptops, POS equipment, Scanners, ISP Access Points, IP phones, Thin Clients, Telecom PBXs, please have a list of assets or a picture accessible before pickup.

Schedule or contact us to donate assets today:

Sell Used Business IT Assets

We Purchase :

Fast, Fair and Accurate

A NIST-800-88 Verification Certificate is granted on request

A gold mine awaits in your IT assets, see if your assets qualify for capital return

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