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Corporate Headquarters: 

3800 America Blvd West

STE 1500, Bloomington MN 55431


Free Electronics Recycling Pickup

Contact us to learn more or schedule today!

Schedule Your Business Electronics Recycling Pickup Here (READ)

Our pickup service has a general rule of 10 or more items with resale value gets a pickup at your location for free. (Unfortionatly Ativo IT does not offer Residential Service) (Concerned about your companies data Read Here)

An example of "value items" to redeem a free pickup include:

Data center equipment: including "modern" servers, EMC, Dell, Sun, IBM disk arrays, routers, PCs, Laptops, POS equipment, Scanners, ISP Access Points, IP phones, Thin Clients, Telecom PBXs, please have a list of assets or a picture accessible before pickup.

****Items that will incurr a fee**** (Large Box) Monitors (CRT) w/Cathode Ray Tubing, TVs (CRT) w/Cathode Ray Tubing 

CRT **20" or Less = $15 each

CRT **21"-25"=$25 each

CRT **26"-35"=$35 each

CRT **36" or Larger = .60 Cents Per Pound

TV Plasma = $20 each

TV and Monitors LCD & LED = $20 each
TV  Console, DLP or Rear Projection Television = $75 each
TV & CRT Broken | Bare or Damaged CRT | Plasma | LCD | LED = additional. $15 hazard fee​


**Inkjets: $10 each

**All-in-One Printers (inc. scanners and glass): $20 each

**Large Printers and/or Copiers (inc. paper trays): $40 each

**Ink & Toner Free


Misc Electronics

Stereos = FREE

Speakers  = FREE

Receivers = FREE

Amps = FREE

Cable Boxes = FREE

VCR and DVD players = $5; Blu-Ray players are FREE

Land phones = $5

Kitchen and small household appliances like blenders, coffee makers, hair dryers, lamps, and toasters = $5

Fans = $5

Vacuum cleaners = $10

Fax machines = $10

Scanners = $10

Satellite boxes/dishes = $10

Microwaves = $15

Under 15 Items? (Small Pickups)= $100.00 

$50 fee for cancellations without notice within 24 hours of your pickup time and date.

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