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STE 1500, Bloomington MN 55431


Service Equipment Removal and Recycling For Large and Small Business

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Before refurbishing takes place we exercise our methods to test particular items for our own compliance needs such as batteries to ensure they meet responsible recycling re-use standards for quality and safety reasons. After items pass inspection the equipment gets prepared for refurbishment by removing all asset tags and re-locating the equipment from intake to our refurbishing department where our technicians will repair and refurbish your equipment to reclaim the maximum value.

“EPA and RCRA Favors reuse for environment health and economy”

Erik Specht


Data security being top priority we sanitize or shred and replace the hard drives, replace any non-working or broken parts and fully test and clean the equipment. Perform an upgrade on the core components, which include the RAM, hard disk, network card, fans etc. In some cases, the equipment will have the coa, original restore disk and meet the other necessary requirements to be able to reinstall the os at no or little additional cost which adds value and makes it easier to remarket especially to individual and small business customers. If your equipment does not meet these requirements a licensed os will have to be purchased from microsoft.

If computers require reloading an os or any other software we only install licensed products.
Relocate the equipment with its new owner, existing owner, or at a location in which it can be resold.

Responsible Data Reuse

Drives that enter our warehouse are sanitized using the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) recommended procedures which meet the current standards of HIPAA, DOD 5220-22.M, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act, Bank Secrecy Act, Patriot Act and FDA Security Regulations (21 C. F.R. part 11). If your data meets the requirements of reuse we have multiple methods to use for securing the data before redeployment. 

Top Choice For Environmnet and Economy

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act was set by the EPA to promote the protection and health of the environment by conserving valuable energy resources from reproduction. We find reusing, refurbishing and prolonging the life of e-waste equipment to be highly beneficial because large amounts of fossil fuels and energy use will not be used for processesing and reproducing new e-products. Reuse also gives back to the economy with every 10 thousand tons of reused materials, 296 jobs are created (according to a study from theInstitute for Self-Reliance. 

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